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Benefit from the integrated overall solution for all your compliance challenges, bundled in a central compliance platform


Integrated Compliance Platform

Powerful overall solution

Integrated Compliance Platform


Current developments in digital compliance are moving away from isolated solutions towards a central overall solution that is able to cover all relevant compliance areas. The MCS Compliance Platform from Compliance Solutions follows precisely this approach.

Comparable to a modular system, the desired compliance systems can be individually assembled in the platform, from a few systems to the all-encompassing compliance platform.

The software platform allows, for example, to start with a single system such as the Business Partner Due Diligence and can then be expanded step by step to include other systems such as Whistleblowing & Case Management, Supply Chain Compliance System, Compliance Risk Management System.

The advantage: All systems are closely networked with each other and offer an integrated workflow that combines all information in one central location without media disruptions. Due to its modularity, the MCS Compliance Software Platform can be continuously expanded as a company-wide Compliance Management System (CMS), as all systems interlock perfectly.



System architecture

The systems of the MCS Compliance Platform are built up of modules that enable fast and flexible adaptations for the enterprise solutions. Using the modular principle, components for the systems can be recombined or completely new solutions can be developed within a very short time.

Business Process Solution
The Business Process Solution enables the automation of business processes, collaboration across departmental boundaries and the reduction of operational costs. Business processes are specified using BPMN and seamlessly translated into an executable workflow. This greatly reduces the effort required for specification, familiarisation and training.

Dynamic Form Solution
The Dynamic Form Solution enables the quick implementation of questionnaires or forms, seamless integration into the application and deployment on the Intra-/Extranet.

Monitoring & Reporting
In practice, the comprehensive and integrated monitoring & reporting functions lead to considerable efficiency gains in monitoring and optimisation. Business Activity Monitoring and Key Performance Indicators identify potential for optimisation and continuously monitor and measure the performance of processes.

Audit trails
For audit trails and precise history evaluations, all information is logged and can be evaluated and efficiently recovered.

Access & Security Control
The Access & Security Control component, which is integrated in all components, provides optimal mapping of organisational structures, management of user and role authorisations and protection against unauthorised access.

Further modules
Advanced Analytics and Big Data Processing, User and Master Data Management, Black- & Whitelisting and Risk Management.


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