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The Leading Compliance Platform


A Powerful Compliance Solution

As an all-embracing compliance management system (CMS), the MCS Compliance Platform can digitally map all compliance-related issues. It is one of the most powerful available IT solutions for efficiently and effectively supporting and automating compliance tasks and processes. The MCS Compliance Platform is being used successfully in international enterprises such as Daimler AG, E.ON SE, Schaeffler SE, Metro AG, Deutz AG, TKE (TK Elevator), Telia Company and Marel, as well as in public bodies and organisations and SMEs worldwide.


Modular Compliance Software Systems

The MCS Compliance Platform comprises individual systems that cover the various compliance sub-areas such as Business Partner Due DiligenceSupply Chain ComplianceWhistleblowing & Case Management or Compliance Risk Management. These systems can either be run autonomously as standalone, one-off solutions or combined as a powerful, integrated compliance platform consisting of multiple systems. This modularity means that the Compliance Software Platform can be continually added to as a company-wide compliance management system, as all the systems are perfectly aligned with one another.


Standard Solution & Enterprise Solution

The MCS Compliance Platform and its 20+ systems are available in two versions: as a preconfigured, turnkey Standard Solution, and as an Enterprise Solution that can be customised to meet the company’s specific needs.

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System Architecture


The MCS Compliance Platform systems are made up of modules that enable fast, flexible modifications to be made to the enterprise solutions. Based on the building blocks principle, components for the systems can be combined in new ways, and totally new solutions can be developed very quickly.


Modules & Integrated Functionalities


Business Process Solution
The Business Process Solution enables business process automation, cross-departmental collaboration and operational cost savings. The business processes are specified with the BPMN and seamlessly translated into an executable workflow. Spending on specifications, familiarisation and training is drastically reduced.

Dynamic Form Solution
The Dynamic Form Solution allows users to quickly create questionnaires and forms, seamlessly integrate them into the application, and make them available on the intranet/extranet.

Monitoring & Reporting
In practice, the wide-ranging, integrated monitoring & reporting functions generate substantial efficiency improvements in monitoring and optimisation. Business Activity Monitoring and Key Performance Indicators help identify potential optimisations, and process performance is continually monitored and measured.

Audit Trails
All data can be logged, evaluated and efficiently restored for audit trails and accurate historic analyses.

Access & Security Control
Access & Security Control, integrated in every component, maps organisational structures optimally, manages user rights and roles, and protects against unauthorised access.

Other Modules
Advanced Analytics and Big Data Processing, User- & Master-Data-Management, Black- & White Listing and Risk Management.

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