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Automated responses to general and internal compliance questions through artificial intelligence

AI Act, Artificial Intelligence Act

The Compliance Solutions AI Assistant

Increase Your Efficiency

In today’s business world, companies must meet their compliance obligations efficiently and reliably. The AI Assistant from Compliance Solutions offers significant optimization potential: it enables automated responses to all compliance-related questions. Utilizing artificial intelligence and an always up-to-date knowledge database, the AI Assistant delivers precise and reliable information on virtually all compliance topics.

With its ability to provide clear and understandable answers even to complex questions, the Compliance Solutions virtual assistant makes it easier for users to adhere to regulations and guidelines. It helps companies make the right compliance decisions and minimize potential risks.

The benefits of the AI Assistant

Make Informed Compliance Decisions

The assistant provides precise and reliable information by accessing an extensive, current, and customizable knowledge base that covers all relevant compliance topics. The AI Assistant helps users make informed decisions and ensures that all actions comply with both generally applicable and internal company regulations and guidelines. This system fulfills compliance requirements for employees and minimizes potential risks.

The database accessed by the system is maintained by experienced experts at Compliance Solutions. The database accessed by the system is maintained by experienced experts at Compliance Solutions. Regular updates and reviews ensure the accuracy and currency of the AI’s data foundation.

With its advanced AI technology, the assistant significantly reduces the time-consuming general advisory activities of the compliance department.

AI Act, Artificial Intelligence Act

Features of the virtual assistant

Automated and Precise Policy Adherence

The Compliance Solutions assistant efficiently supports companies in meeting compliance requirements. It provides current information on policies, answers compliance questions via chat, guides users through compliance processes, and provides contact information. These features ensure efficient management and adherence to regulations and optimally support employees.

Provision of Policies and Behavioral Rules

Delivery of information on company policies, behavioral standards, and legal requirements.

Support with Compliance Questions

Assists in chat form with answering questions about adhering to regulations and internal policies.

Explanation of Processes

The system guides users through various processes, such as reporting violations or adhering to behavioral guidelines.

Provision of Contact Information

Provides relevant contact information for further support.

Advantages of the AI Assistant

Efficiency, Cost Reduction,
and Data Protection

The Compliance Solutions AI Assistant offers numerous benefits for companies. It provides fast and precise real-time answers based on company-specific laws and guidelines and is tailored to specific compliance requirements. By using the assistant, the compliance department can focus its capacities on other issues, leading to cost reduction.

The assistant also allows for anonymized evaluation of questions, providing valuable insights for improving the compliance program and future training. It operates in full compliance with current AI and data protection regulations, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of data. This proactive approach empowers employees to make informed decisions and enables the company to sustainably improve its compliance.

AI Act, Artificial Intelligence Act
AI Act, Artificial Intelligence Act

AI Assistant in Practice

Test the Compliance Solutions AI Assistant

Allow your employees to ask their compliance questions confidentially and around the clock, and have them efficiently and reliably answered by our AI Assistant.


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