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Compliance Risk Management Software


With the help of the web- and workflow-based Compliance Risk Management Systems from Compliance Solutions, the risk management processes in companies can be implemented centrally and efficiently.

The aim of Compliance Risk Management by the risk manager is the risk analysis and likelihood of occurrence of risks such as corruption, antitrust, money laundering, data protection and technical compliance. Consistent preventive risk management is intended to ensure that the company will continue to comply with applicable laws and regulations in the future. An important factor in organizations is dealing with compliance risks at an early stage, successful strategies for risk minimization and the preparation of loss management when the risk occurs.

Guided Processes & Integrated Systems


The Compliance Risk Management Systems from Compliance Solutions work with a user-friendly risk management process. They ensure the distribution, collection, organization and evaluation of information and the documentation of decision-making processes. The results are used as a basis for comparison for future risk analysis.

The focus of the risk aggregation of individual risks are methods that facilitate the tasks of risk managers and his team. In this way, the risk with all its potential effects is determined centrally and the data obtained from the measures can be seamlessly processed in the business processes.

The introduction of a digital Compliance Risk Management System is the inevitable consequence of the accounting, bribery and data scandals of recent years. Instead of maintaining compliance and risk management IT systems in parallel and isolated from one another, an integrated approach offers considerable synergy potential. Compliance with legal requirements is a matter of course and holistic risk management is and will therefore remain the key to a successful future for the company or organization.

Leading Compliance Risk Management System Provider


Compliance Solutions was one of the first companies to consistently develop a comprehensive compliance platform that covers all aspects of digital compliance in an integrated system. The result: The MCS Compliance Platform, which is currently the most powerful Legal & Compliance Platform on the market.

Compliance Solutions as a Compliance Risk Management provider offers the following systems:

  • Compliance Risk Management System
  • Risk Assessment System
  • High Risk Transaction Management System

The systems can be used as single solutions or in a system network within the MCS Platform landscape in companies.

In addition to the Standard Solutions, Compliance Solutions also offers Enterprise Solutions based on the MCS Compliance Platform, which can be flexibly adapted to individual needs.

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