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Holistic Risk Management

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With the help of the web- and workflow-based Compliance Risk Management System from Compliance Solutions, risk management processes in companies can be implemented centrally and efficiently.

The goal of the Compliance Risk Management is to analyse the probability of risks such as corruption, cartelisation, money laundering, data protection, and technical compliance occurring.

Maintaining a sustainable view of risks

Guided processes & integrated systems

The Compliance Risk Management System from Compliance Solutions works with user-friendly guided processes.

They ensure the distribution, collection, organisation and evaluation of information and the documentation of decision-making processes. The use of the results serves as a basis for comparison for future risk analysis.

At the heart of risk aggregation of individual risks are methods that facilitate the tasks of risk managers and employees. In this way, the risk with all its potential impact is determined centrally and the data obtained from the measures can be processed seamlessly in the business processes.

Holistic risk management is and will therefore remain the key to a successful future for the company.


Advantages of our Compliance Risk Management System

Individual questionnaires for business partners

Quick connection to your master data system

Regular review of potential risks

Automatic generation of measures and actions

Over 20 languages and Translations

Compliance Risk Management System

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  • Interfaces to other software systems
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  • Advanced Reporting

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What is Compliance Risk Management?

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Compliance Risk Management is a process whereby a company takes measures to ensure that it complies with applicable laws, regulations and ethical standards. The objectives of compliance risk management are to identify, assess and monitor risks that may arise from violations of these regulations and to implement controls and measures to ensure that the company complies with applicable requirements.

A compliance risk management program can cover a wide range of laws and regulations, including privacy laws, environmental regulations, labor laws, and financial regulations. Successful implementation of a compliance risk management program can protect a company from penalties, fines and negative impacts to its reputation and standing.

A compliance risk management program typically begins with a comprehensive review of applicable laws and regulations relevant to the company. Based on this review, the company can conduct a risk assessment process to identify potential compliance risks. These risks may result from internal factors such as deficiencies in business operations or external factors such as changes in laws.

Once potential compliance risks have been identified, the company must take steps to assess and monitor these risks. Controls, reviews and training can be used for this purpose. It is important that the company conducts regular reviews to ensure that it is always in compliance with applicable requirements.

An important part of compliance risk management is also the documentation of all measures the company takes to ensure its compliance. This documentation can be presented as needed to show that the company has met its responsibilities.