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Compliance Risk Management Software


Risk management processes can be implemented centrally and efficiently within the company using Compliance Solutions’ web-based, workflow-based compliance risk management systems.

The aim of compliance risk management is to analyse the probability of the occurrence of risks such as corruption, cartels forming, money laundering, data protection and technical compliance. Sound, preventive risk management should ensure that the company also complies with laws and regulations going forward. Key factors are dealing with compliance risks at an early stage, successful risk minimisation strategies, and arranging damage management should risks occur.

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Guided Processes & Integrated Systems


Compliance Solutions’ compliance risk management systems work with user-friendly, guided processes. They ensure that information is shared, gathered, organised and analysed, and that decision-making processes are documented. The results are used as the basis for making comparisons to aid future risk analysis.

Risk aggregation with one-off risks is based on methods that make things easier for risk managers and other staff. The risk and all its potential impact is identified centrally and the data acquired from the measures can be seamlessly further processed in the business processes.

The introduction of a digital compliance risk management system is the inevitable consequence of the balance sheet, bribery and data scandals of recent years. Instead of maintaining compliance and risk management IT systems that run in isolation and in parallel with each other, an integrated approach offers substantial potential synergy. Compliance with statutory regulations is self-evident, so an all-embracing risk management system is and will remain the key to the company’s successful future.


Leading Compliance Risk Management System Provider


Compliance Solutions is the leading provider of digital legal & compliance IT solutions. Our core product is the MCS Compliance Platform, which maps every facet of digital compliance in an integrated system, and which is currently the most powerful compliance platform on the market.

In the compliance risk management area, the MCS Compliance Platform includes the following systems:

  • Compliance Risk Management System
  • Risk Assessment System
  • High Risk Transaction Management System

The systems can be deployed both as standalone solutions and as a group of systems within the MCS platform landscape.

Alongside the standard solutions, Compliance Solutions also provides enterprise solutions that can be flexibly customised to meet specific needs.

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