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The MCS Compliance Platform comprises a range of over 20 powerful compliance systems. The systems can be run as standalone, one-off solutions for specific compliance sub-areas, or an all-embracing compliance management system can be formed by combining multiple systems. Each system comes in two versions: as a turnkey, standard solution or a bespoke enterprise solution.

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Business Partner Due Diligence

Compliance Solutions’ IT-based Business Partner Due Diligence maps every aspect of a business partner integrity check in a single system. An audit-compliant workflow guides the user through mostly automated processes such as upfront risk assessment, a detailed check on the business partner, a sanctions list check, risk detection, red flag setting and risk assessment. With permanent screening, the software solution also monitors the entire, life cycle of the business relationship going forward.



Whistleblowing System

A whistleblowing system has become standard in preventing corruption, fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, etc. But the requirements of a whistleblowing system go beyond just setting up a telephone hotline or email address for the whistleblower to report wrongdoing. Rather, a workflow should be implemented which ensures efficient, audit-compliant, confidential communication to protect the anonymity of the whistleblower and the incriminated individuals.



Compliance Risk Management

Compliance Solutions’ web-based, workflow-based Compliance Risk Management Systems enable a company‘s risk management processes to be implemented centrally and efficiently. This includes sharing, gathering and analysing information, documenting decision-making processes, and using the results as the basis for comparing future analyses. Sound preventive risk management is designed to ensure that the company continues to comply with regulations as it moves forward.



Supply Chain Compliance System

Through the Supply Chain Compliance System, Compliance Solutions offers an all-embracing supply chain risk management solution that meets the latest supply chain law (Lieferkettengesetz) requirements. The system detects risks along the supply chain, identifying and assessing potential harm at an early stage so that appropriate action can be taken. This ensures social compliance, and the company can avoid fines, sanctions and damage to its image.



Continuous Controls Monitoring System

The system enables control messages generated by the internal controls system to be processed in a structured, efficient way. A defined workflow takes the user through the control process. There is a sound escalation and delegation strategy, and strict need-to-know principles are observed in relation to data access. The system enables control reports to be evaluated and automatically assigns remedial measures to cases. The integrated business intelligence & reporting cockpit supports both local units and head office.



M&A Due Diligence System

The IT-based M&A Compliance Due Diligence solution involves a structured capturing and assessing of compliance risks in the companies participating in the transaction. An audit-compliant workflow takes the user through a case and document management system with mainly automated processes such as risk-based upfront risk assessment, questionnaires for the target company for compliance maturity assessment, sanctions list and adverse media checks, risk detection, red flag identification, risk assessment, and follow-up with risk mitigation measures.


High Risk Transaction Management System

The system does due diligence on high-risk transactions, such as transactions with governments or public officials. The process includes automated risk assessment – the business partners’ integrity is checked by screening against sanctions lists and adverse media. It can also be integrated into the Business Partner Compliance Due Diligence System.



Audit Management System

The Audit Management System provides a full solution for compliance audits. This includes audit planning, preparation, execution, audit reports, correct action planning, completion, BI and reporting. Through digitalisation, repetitive processes can be displaced by automations, the process audit as a whole can be made more efficient.



Data Protection Compliance System

The system maps the requirements from the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in a data protection compliant and largely automated software solution. An audit-compliant workflow takes the user through different sub-processes related to subjects such as behavioural rules, agreement on data processing, data protection directives, data protection impact assessment and other technical requirements relating to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.


Digital Health Management System

Compliance Solutions’ Digital Health Management System is a digital software solution for healthcare professionals and patients. Digital questionnaires are used to capture patient information in a structured way and automatically analyse it. A simple administrative system enables users to create questionnaires, and the user management system enables compliance with data protection regulations. The integrated business intelligence & reporting cockpit monitors treatment on an ongoing basis.



Legal & Compliance Business Process Management System

The Legal & Compliance Business Process Management System is a powerful, flexible platform for automating legal and compliance processes. It includes modules such as the Business Process Engine, the Form Engine and a powerful Reports module.



Legal Case Management System

The Legal Case Management System enables all legal disputes and judicial proceedings to be recorded in a structured way, centrally, with extensive report options. Other functions include rights management, approval workflows, a full audit trail, document management, reminder functions and many report options on the evolution of all KPIs such as litigation value, provisions for litigation costs, legal costs and risk.


Gifts & Hospitality Management System

The Gifts & Hospitality Management System has a workflow-based, largely automated solution for compliance checks and approvals for gifts, entertainment, sponsorship and other expenditure. An audit-compliant workflow takes the user through a lean register and an automated, smart approval process based on value limits and red flag mechanisms. Escalation and delegation processes are also integrated.


Competitor Contact Register System

The system handles the structured recording and risk-based, largely automated approval of staff’s competitor contacts. An audit-compliant workflow takes the user through the process. Participation in associations is evaluated based on certain criteria and risk and either approved or denied. The solution is linked to the training system: in this way a check can be run on the extent to which a staff member has been trained and, for example, is ready to take part in association meetings.


Corporate Social Responsibility System

The system captures and analyses CSR-related content in a way that is structured and largely automated. A workflow takes the user through the process of recording the information, analysing it and taking measures. Smart, digital questionnaires support the information capture and analysis process. The integrated business intelligence & reporting cockpit supports both local units and head office with realtime reporting and monitoring.


Carbon Footprint Management System

The Carbon Footprint Management System enables companies to record their products’ CO2 emissions all along the value creation chain, including during production, raw materials acquisition, energy consumption and transport, in compliance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The data that is gathered enables a well-founded analysis and, derived from this, the planning of measures to reduce CO2 emissions.

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Compliance Solutions is a long-term partner for compliance management systems, offering its clients wide-ranging, close collaboration in order to quickly and efficiently meet business requirements.

Compliance Solutions’ process and IT consultants are available to help with requirements analyses, benchmarking, best practice comparisons and business process design. By using tried and trusted methods and interdisciplinary knowledge, the requirements are turned into bespoke applications and business processes that are integrated into the company-wide system landscape.

With ongoing close collaboration with agile project management (SCRUM), compliance solutions give clients quick results that can be verified and tested. This lean process means that project risks are identified early and faulty developments are avoided.

Once the compliance systems have been rolled out, potential improvements are identified through monitoring and reports. The business processes and applications can be adjusted to meet new requirements on an ongoing basis. Compliance Solutions provides competent, responsive support at all times, and we maintain and monitor the compliance management system.