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The MCS Compliance Platform offers a selection of over 20 powerful Compliance Systems. The systems can be provided both as a stand-alone solution for certain fields of compliance, or they can be combined to form a comprehensive compliance management system. The systems are available in two versions: as a turnkey Standard Solution or as a tailor-made Enterprise Solution.

Business Partner Due Diligence

Our web- and workflow-based IT Business Partner Due Diligence solution covers the entire (end-to-end) business partner due diligence life cycle; that is to say from data collection, verification and validation of data, the evaluation of results, the approval process within the given workflow (hierarchy), and to quality control of the business partner’s work and payment due diligence.



Whistleblowing System

Operating a whistleblowing system is accepted as an industry-standard nowadays. It is not sufficient to provide a phone number or email address. Rather, a workflow should be implemented to enable a confidential communication efficiently and audited-proofed to protect the whistleblower, the company as well as the targeted person.



Compliance Risk Management

With our web- and workflow-based IT solution, standard risk management processes can be enhanced very efficiently, that is to say from assembling data to reviewing and assessing information, documenting decision-making processes and re-using results for future analysis. In addition, the collected data can be further processed across dedicated workflows.




With our web- and workflow-based IT solution, standard self-assessment processes can be implemented very efficiently. It covers collecting and assessing information, documenting decision-making processes and re-using results for future analysis.

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High Risk Transactions

Compliance is usually involved in the decision-making process of high risk cases. The reasons vary why risks are high such as because of a very high business volume, investment need, or special region. A clearly structured decision-making process efficiently supports an audited-proofed project management.

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Compliance Case Management

Compliance’s main tasks are case management and documentation. With a web- and workflow-based case management, very significant efficiencies can be achieved and it facilitates the daily work of compliance officers. They are able to document decision-making processes very efficiently in an audited proofed way. Information can be easily collected and presented.

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Continuous Controls Monitoring

Compliance processes need to be monitored and controlled continuously to be effective. With the support of automated alerts and integrated controls process certain risk indicators are reviewed permanently and respective measures are taken.

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Permanent Screening & Monitoring

Screening and assessing sanction, PEP, black, and watch lists as well as adverse media constitutes the core of a business partner due diligence. The due diligence generally occurs in connection with the business partner’s on-boarding process. Nevertheless, business partners should also be screened and monitored on a regular basis through an IT-based solution.

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Competitor Contact Register

Employees’ participation in associations and other competitor contacts are recorded, evaluated according to certain criteria risk based and released or prohibited. The IT solution is also linked to the training system and checks whether the employees have been trained accordingly. Following the association meetings, the documents are recorded and systematically evaluated.

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Systems of the MCS Compliance Platform


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  • AI & NLP
  • IT & Cyber Security
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Master Data & Integration Services
  • IT-Infrastructure Services
  • eBusiness & Portal Solutions
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Full Service: Consulting, Implementation & Support


Compliance Solutions is a long-term partner for compliance management systems and offers its customers continuous and close cooperation in which business needs can be solved quickly and efficiently.

The compliance and IT consultants from Compliance Solutions are available to support with analyzing business needs, bench marking, best practices comparison and business processes/workflows planning. As soon as the applications and business processes have been defined, the specialists from Compliance Solutions implement and integrate these in the company-wide IT environment.

Due to close coordination and agile project management (SCRUM), customers receive results at an early stage, which can be checked and tested. With this lean approach, project risks can be identified at a very early stage in the process and, accordingly, erroneous developments can be avoided.

After the rollout of the compliance systems, potential for improvement is identified through monitoring and reporting. The business processes and applications can be continuously adapted to changing requirements. Compliance Solutions offers a continuous basis, a competent, agile support and takes care of the maintenance and monitoring of the compliance management system.