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Compliance Solutions offers a broad portfolio of innovative, AI-powered compliance systems that digitally cover all relevant areas of compliance. The systems are each available in two variants: as a turnkey best-practice standard solution or as an individually tailored enterprise solution.

The compliance systems can either be operated as a self-sufficient stand-alone solution or several systems can be closely integrated within the MCS Compliance Platform.

Supply Chain

Software solution to meet the requirements of the German Supply Chain Act

Business Partner
Due Diligence

Business partner due diligence with monitoring of the entire life cycle of business relationships

Whistleblowing System

Anonymous whistleblowing system for complaint management according to the EU Whistleblowing Directive

Compliance Risk Management System

Risk management for early analysis and assessment of potential hazards

Continuous Controls Monitoring System

Efficient processing of control messages from the internal control system

A defined workflow guides the user through the control process. The system features a sophisticated escalation and delegation concept, as well as a strict need-to-know principle with regard to data access.

The system enables an assessment of the control messages and automatically assigns remedial actions to the cases.

The integrated Business Intelligence & Reporting Cockpit supports both the local units and the headquarters.

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M&A Due Diligence System

Recording and assessing compliance risks of the companies involved in the transaction

An audit-proof workflow guides the user through a case and document management system with predominantly automated processes. These include, for example, the risk-based Upfront Risk Assessment, questionnaires to the target company for Compliance Maturity Assessment, Sanctions List and Adverse Media Review, risk identification, the identification of Red Flags as well as risk assessment and follow-up on risk-minimising measures.

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High Risk Transaction Management System

Structured due diligence coverage of high-risk transactions on a transaction-by-transaction basis

The process includes an automated risk assessment: business partners are screened for integrity against sanctions lists and adverse media.

Additionally, integration into the Business Partner Compliance Due Diligence System is possible.

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Audit Management System

Holistic solution for compliance audits

This includes audit planning, preparation, execution, audit reports, Correct Action planning as well as closure, BI and reporting.

With the help of digitalisation, repetitive processes can be eliminated through automation and the process audit as a whole can be made more efficient.

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Data Protection Compliance System

Mapping of the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

An audit-proof workflow guides the user through various sub-processes on topics such as procedure directory, data processing agreements, data protection guidelines, data protection impact assessments and other technical requirements in connection with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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Digital Health Management System

Software solution for health care professionals and patients

With the help of digital questionnaires, patient information is recorded in a structured manner and automatically evaluated. Simple administration enables users to create questionnaires and to carry out user management in compliance with data protection regulations.

The integrated Business Intelligence & Reporting Cockpit maps a continuous monitoring of the treatment.

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Legal & Compliance Business Process Management System

System for the automation of legal & compliance processes

Legal & Compliance Business Process Management includes modules such as the Business Process Engine, the Forms Engine and a powerful reporting module.

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Legal Case Management System

Structured and centralised recording of all legal disputes and court proceedings

The functions include rights management, approval workflows, a complete audit trail, document management, reminder functionality and comprehensive reporting on the development of all KPIs such as dispute value, litigation cost provision, litigation costs or litigation risk.

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Gifts & Hospitality Management System

Compliance checks and approvals on the subject of gifts, entertainment and sponsorships

An audit-proof workflow guides the user through a lean register and an automated, intelligent approval process based on value limits and red-flag mechanisms.

Furthermore, escalation and delegation processes are integrated.

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Competitor Contact Register System

Systematic recording and risk-based, automated release of competitor contacts

An audit-proof workflow guides the user through the process. Participation in associations based on specific criteria and approved or prohibited.

The solution is integrated in the training system: This makes it possible to check to what extent the respective employee is sufficiently well trained and prepared, for example, to participate in association meetings.

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Corporate Social Responsibility System

Structured automated collection and evaluation of CSR-relevant content

The workflow guides the user through the process of information gathering, evaluation and action implementation. Intelligent digital questionnaires support the process of information identification and evaluation. The integrated Business Intelligence & Reporting Cockpit supports both the local units and the head office with real-time reporting and monitoring.

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Carbon Footprint Management System

Recording the CO2 emissions of products along the value chains

The recording encompasses production, raw material extraction, energy consumption and transport in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

The data obtained allows a well-founded analysis and, derived from this, the planning of measures to reduce CO2 emissions.

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What is a Compliance System?

Compliance System

A compliance system is a software application that helps organizations ensure compliance with laws, regulations, policies, and standards. A compliance system can help identify and mitigate risks, prevent fraud and abuse, and implement and monitor privacy and security policies.

Compliance systems include various functions specifically designed to support compliance with regulations and policies. For example, they can automatically perform monitoring and auditing processes to ensure that the company is in compliance with regulatory requirements. They can also generate compliance reports to ensure that the company provides transparency to the appropriate authorities and stakeholders.

A compliance system can also help streamline business processes and minimize risks associated with legal and regulatory compliance. For example, it can ensure compliance with tax regulations, anti-money laundering regulations, data protection regulations or other industry standards.

In summary, compliance systems can help companies meet their compliance obligations, minimize risks, and effectively monitor and document regulatory requirements.