Modular Compliance Solution

“It is the most advanced and powerful IT compliance platform to efficiently support and automate compliance tasks and processes globally.”

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MCS Compliance Platform

Modular Compliance Solution is based on standardized modules that can be easily combined with each other.

We have developed practice-approved standard products. In addition, we are also able to use our stack of existing modules in order to establish new tailor-made solutions.

With our very flexible modules, we are in a position to very efficiently adapt our products to your company-specific needs.

Modules and integrated Functionalities

The Business Process Solution enables you to automate business processes, to collaborate with different business units, and to reduce operational costs. Business processes are specified with the BPMN and are translated in an executable workflow. Efforts for specifications and trainings can be reduced significantly.

The Dynamic Form Solution enables you to quickly implement and integrate questionnaires and forms in the system and to publish the information in the intranet or internet.

Our comprehensive and integrated Monitoring & Reporting Solution has already created significant efficiencies for our clients in monitoring and optimizing their processes. Through monitoring business activities and key performance indicators, our clients are able to identify potentials to optimize, monitor, and measure the efficiency of their processes.

To create Audit trails and to precisely assess the history, all relevant information can be recorded, reviewed and, if necessary, restored.

All modules comprise an integrated Access & Security Control. This module efficiently reflects your organizational structure, enables you to administer users and roles, and to protect the system from unauthorized access.

Other modules deal with Advanced Analytics and Big Data Processing, User- and Master-Data-Management, Black- & White listing and Risk Management.